Tuesday, May 15, 2012

5 days of Lesson Planning…a month long theme


I love planning lessons around a single theme, this was a lot easier during the preschool/kindergarten years, but it is still possible.

With our year sketched out, I can take it to the next level.


Our main theme for June will be Creation Week through the Great Flood. We will be incorporating art projects, scripture, Bible stories, science,  math, and poetry together. I am an eclectic homeschooler so I use a little of everything, but unit studies seem to work and really make lesson planning a lot more interesting.

For unit studies or monthly themes I like to use a curriculum map with the center point being the theme or topic. I can use it for a whole month or a week either way.

Here is the break down:

I start with the theme  CREATION WEEK

then I pull out the concordance and find all the scripture verses,

next I try to find elements of math that can be worked in as story problems or living math.

Living books other than the Bible or stories within the storybooks we have on hand are listed under reading/ literature.

A subject I will admit weakness in is science so I try to find science related activities, thankfully with the Creation Week through Flood there are enough science topics to incorporate.

Geography is usually pretty easy if the theme is location or history based.

Arts and crafts making it fun for the boys so even if it is just a coloring page. I love doing crafts but have found we can overwhelm a unit with too many crafts so I try and limit it to no more than 2 a week‘


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Tomorrow lets look at a weekly lesson plan. See you then.

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