Monday, March 3, 2008

DigiScrap and other Themes for the day

So I love Digital Scrapbooking, but I have been a traditional scrapper for a long time (almost 25 years) and have acquired a lot of scrap supplies... Today I decided to think outside the box a little and am going through my supplies and scanning pieces I really like (premade borders, stickers, papers, etc..) that I know I can use in my digiscrappin'. Some days you gotta love technology...

This weekend I hosted a crop locally and while the girls were busy on their projects, I worked on sorted and "journaling" photos in my Memory Manager Software. I have just about 10,000 photos stored in the program in various folders (people, events, holidays, places, and photo shoots to name a few) and was able to go for approximately 1600 unsorted to just about 500. So I am making progress getting my photos sorted... It makes it alot easier when I am working on a project and can't remember the date or the details of the event. I can go to MM and look up the photo. I can also share my photos and use them in my digital scrapbooking software...
I was also able to combine 2 photos into 1. I will be doing that more often and hope to share a combined photo I am working on with you later this week.

On the Sunday School front, I have to say I am loving watching these kids grow. We are on a rotation for teachers; at the end of the month I check with my 4 teachers and assign a week to teach the older kids, then depending on how many kids we have we can split the class and someone else takes the 2's & 3's... I am praying our young adult/ teen group grows as well, I would love to see a class for the teens at some point. Hopefully before the summer, I see such a need for a positive place for the teens to learn and grow in Christ.

I will be posting some more of my scripture cards this week. I am finishing up a set and hope to have them online by Wednesday.

I'll check back later...

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