Saturday, March 8, 2008

Life journey's

Life is a journey, wow that was about as cliche' as it gets.
Anyway, this weekend has been a crazy ride and along the way I have seen sides of my life and inside myself on a new level. I really need to get focused and simplify this journey or I'm not going to make it to the end.
I am slowly moving in a new direction as far as my business. I'm taking a break for a while. I need to find out what I am really doing and treading water and sinking fast in a business that take more time and energy than it reaps doesn't make sense. I love my hobby but see my other journey suffering desperately. I know I will always love the underlying aspects of the business and the people I have encountered because of the business but my other passions need me more.
I see so many projects laying around that are screaming for attention. I have stories in my head that need to be told. And, I feel like I need to give myself more deeply to my faith and family.
My writing and photography are things I can include in my faith and family. My hobby, while it does produce lasting outcomes, it seems to be conflicting with my faith and family right now. Someday, it may not, but now it is causing more of a strain than it is worth. I know that I can continue to inspire, but can not commit the money or the time that my customers deserve.
I also feel pulled toward my summer projects in faith so passionately that my business would only be a hinderance.
I will continue to post examples of my hobby as I am not quitting the art just the business.

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