Thursday, March 13, 2008

notes from "Peace" at Women's Bible Study.

As promised I am blogging after our session tonight. I have to admit there are sections of my notes that are deep and cut through some baggage I hold on to...
This week's subject was Peace and as I was listening to Beth Moore's words from the DVD lesson I had a hard time staying focused as my mind wandered to places it would rather not go, but I feel those places are the places that God is saying, better yet YELLING, "Wake up and LISTEN!!!, I'm talking to YOU!"... This was definately one of those weeks... Now I just have to come to grips with some of the issues and figure out the direction the spirit leads me.
Personal Peace.... I bow down to his rule... I know I need to let Christ rule in my life, give my concerns to Him. The personal rule of Christ in our lives can bring the greatest sence of peace.
One thing Beth Moore mentioned and caught my attention was the "Applied Authoirity of Christ"... Peace comes to those who follow the rules laid out my Christ. Sometime we don't like the rules and don't follow them to the letter (I know I'm guilt of that!) , but by not follwoing the rules we are seperating ourselves from Christ and the WORD of God. Let Christ rule through out our lives. Letting go of that control has been one of the toughest trials for me. Letting someone higher hold Authority over my life is a struggle for me like many others.
The Beautitudes are a wonderful set of ideas laid out in Matthew. Ms. Moore sets before us one in particular, verse 9; Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called the sons of God. referancing back to Isaiah 9: 6 it is inspiring to let Him shoulder our arguments. Even when there are 2 sides , especially when there are 2 sides , let the Lord's shoulders be the solid ground we come to and look to for guidance and answers to keep the peace.
Another area we looked at this evening were peacekeepers rather than peace makers... Peacekeepers are those that try to keep the peace no matter what the cost. Selfishly trying to keep the peace in our relationships can lead to such discord and conflict that we become walking time bombs waitiing to explode.
She also made a very strong point that seemed to strike a cord with me... " Peace comes with authority , not with the answer." sometimes God can grant us Peace but not always give us the answer to the conflict at that time. Answers can come later...
She also reminded us to come clean with God, he already knows but coming clean with God gives us the Peace that we are waiting for and the strength to deal with the conflicts and the answers that come...

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