Wednesday, June 8, 2011

21 Days of Prayer for Sons : Day 2

Today is officially the beginning of this blessed challenge.  Today I want to share some of my answers to the study questions in the ebook.  On page 9 of the e-book Brooke presents the first set of Study Questions.
1.       What is your current relationship with you sons?  My boys are younger (ages 5 ½ and 8 ½) so I am with them most of the time as a home school mom.
2.        Think back to when you first relazied you were having a boy…. When we found out our first was a boy I was relieved, I really felt like a girl would be more than I could handle… When we found out our youngest was a boy I had mixed emotions relief that it would be 2 boys, mild disappoint that my husband wouldn’t have the little girl he wanted, fear as to what was I going to do with 2 little boys.
3.        Are your boys typical rough and tumble? That is an understatement… Nathan our youngest has no fear and will try everything.  It is has wheels it must be riden on and crashed at least once.  Cameron is slightly more reserved but not much… They love to wrestle and race. They are all boy through and through.
4.        Do your boys have good role models? My boys have a wonderful role model in my father (their papa) , their Father, and their uncles. We are also blessed to have several male role models in our church communities that have had a wonderful impact on my boys.
5.       How have you prayed for your sons in the past? Unfortuneatly inconsistent is the best word I can come up with right now… We do have our night time prayer we do together (I usually pray it for Nathan). I love the idea of praying the Word of G_d for them although it is new it is a wonderful idea.  Below I am posting our version of the Good Night Prayer.

Now I lay me down to Sleep
I pray the Lord my soul to keep,
May Angels watch me through the Night
And Keep me in their Blessed Sight

And the version I pray over them;

Now I lay him down to Sleep
I pray the Lord his soul to Keep
May Angels watch him through the Night
And Keep him in their Blessed Sight

I hope this journey is a powerful one for you and your sons.

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