Sunday, June 19, 2011

Warrior Prayer: 21 Days of Prayer for Sons Day 3

WOW, in Warrior Prayers e-book Brooke really hits home with the idea that how we raise our sons really does matter. G_d takes the raising of children very seriously. To think about the impact the way we raise our sons , is almost overwhelming. Really makes me consider my actions and reactions where my boys are concerned.  I didn’t think this processes would impact me in quite this fashion but am blessed that it has.
As I sit in the park writing to you today, I watch my boys playing and enjoying each other.  Nathan actually came and told me “brother is fun!”. That is huge for him as most days they are at each other’s throats fighting with each other.
Today’s study questions for page 11 of the e-book:
1.       Did your parents raise you in a Christian home to know and love the Lord? What kind of impact has your up bringing had on the way you parent your sons?
I am grateful for being raised in a Christian home, while not a overly conservative home it was Christian and that gave me a strong baseline to grow on and a strong foundation to raise my sons with.
2.       How does it make you feel to know that a godly man, such as Eli, could fail to raise his sons to know the love the Lord?
None of us can truly know what our impact is, to know that a Godly man like Eli could fail in such an important task makes me realize that I have to work that much harder to really
3.       Have you ever thought about the importance of raising sons from the perspective of this story? What kind of response does this create in your heart?
I never really paid much attention to that story until I read it here, but now it really hits home with a strong message. I watch friends with older children and see this kids leaving their churches and pray that I can keep my boys in the church.
4.       Do you believe G_d holds us responsible for the way we train our children?
I think we are given  our children as a gift from G_d with the mission to raise them the way they he has instructed us to. It seems simple but is really a great commission task.

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