Tuesday, June 7, 2011

5 things we tried and didn't work for our #homeschool

As part of the 31 days to a better blog #31DBBB I am participating in we had to do a list post... I posted over at Unvlmom's Spot a list of our pantry Essentials. I decided to do a list here of the things we had tried and didn't work for us. This is by no means a negative about particular products or styles, it is just what we have found did not work for the boys' learning styles, our format, or Mom's teaching style..  Feel free to share things you've tried that maybe didn't work the way you thought they would as well.

5. Traditional school desks: I got 2 old style school desks for the boys thinking that it would give them a place to keep their supplies and would be a fun way to work on their work. We arranged them in different ways hoping that would help, but nothing really did... The desks are still in the classroom collecting piles...  (I'm going to clean them up and possiby sell them at a garage sale or craigslist them..)

4. Traditional Workbooks: I have a small collection of workbooks that Cameron just won't use.. He doesn't like workbooks and fights me on every attempt. Oddly enough Nathan likes to work in some workbooks. I am still holding on to the books as I'm not 100% sure they won't come in handy for Nathan.

3. Coloring Books: Nathan absoletely hates to color... I have a stack on colorbooks as Cameron and I enjoy coloring but Nathan won't do it... we have even made sure his co-op teachers know he hates coloring... give him a pencil or a pen and let him draw the picture..

2. Full Schedules:  sounds simple but we have found that a full schedule such as 12 workboxes or even 8 workboxes a day doesn't work for us... We are a lot better off with a unit study together, our math folders, and our phonics books.   I tried several ways of doing but came up with less is more for us... In August we will continue with workfolders rather than boxes and will add a subject or two to Cameron's work.

1. A set schedule:  with 2 different boys who work better at different times of the day , we found that it just works better to relax. They both know what has to be done in the day (before dinner time). We do work to have together time at the table working on like subjects (Math and phonics) but other than that our day begins when everyone is up and showered. Occasionally, I let Cameron take a longer shower and do school work with Nathan.

Some people say we are too relaxed but I want the boys to enjoy learning and to feel like life is learning, not just sitting at a table or desk but everything we do is learning.

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