Sunday, June 19, 2011

Warrior Prayer for our Sons day 4 and 5

Obedience is a strong idea. We must be obedient to our Lord while expecting our sons to be obedient to us as well as the Lord. It is a heavy burden for children to understand and as a parent it is my job to help them understand that the burden is has been carried for them through Christ but they still are to be obedient. 
The study questions on Obedience really made me think and consider not only my children but also my husband and our obedience.  Understanding the power of the foundation we lay for our sons and how they will become men of G_d and Godly husbands in their adult life.
Discipline is a weak area for me with the boys; I have always been reactionary rather than proactive. This past week we implemented a new system using poker chips, the boys can earn, lose, and use the poker chips. So, rather than reacting to issues we setting the boys up to be positive and reward them for positive behavior.

The difference between boys and girls is subtle but so important.  Growing up my mom had 2 girls, and we really didn’t think about the differences until I had 2 boys and Grandma began watching the boys realizing how different boys are then girls.  I can so relate to so many moms with boys especially when other moms talk about blended or girl only siblings.  The journey of parenting boys is exhilarating but also flat out exhausting. Trying to keep up with their constantly changing moods and full energy lifestyle is amazing.
I now understand that the way I was working with the boys was behavioral rather than spiritual and I need to change that, it is going to take hard work and a lot of time on my knees in prayer and really getting down on their level. I was blessed this past week, my oldest spent 3 days at Grandma’s house while the youngest stayed home. That one on one time with my 5 year old gave me some real insight and helped me to see my goals a little better. 
The idea that we are potentially nothing more than “white-washed tombs” is really eye opening. A wake up call, what we are on the inside is more important than our appearances. We still need to be aware of what we present to the world, but we really need to be concerned with what we are to G_d and how our children see that.
I hope you are learning along with us during these 21 days of prayer. It is so important for our sons that we grow in this journey so we can help them grow in their love of the Lord.

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