Sunday, October 23, 2011

New Moon and Fall Food Crafts

So unvlDad and I decided to go Festival of the New Moon this coming week with the boys.
I am planning on doing some fall food crafting as well as scripture activities.

Here are a couple of the food crafts we are going to try:

Six in the Suburbs: Chocolate & Peanutbutter Acorns: aren't this the cutest!

Moon Cookies I'm thinking of trying this or using a basic sugar cookie recipe and rolling the cookies out.

Here are some reference sites and activities we are going to use:

I also found a wonderful craft idea creating a felt Torrah scroll. Thanks to Dixon Homestead Academy for the idea

While we don't celebrate the Old Testament festivals often I try and interject them into our lessons when I can.
This year the harvesting season has taken a front seat to our studies and I want the boys to know that this year has been a huge blessing and accept it with a grateful heart.

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