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Review: @VisualLatin #hsreviews, have you done your Latin today?



I have always wanted to learn Latin and I want my boys to have the foundation for learning languages so when Visual Latin came up on the Homeschool Crew I immediately applied. I received my DVD with lessons 1-10 in the mail and was very excited to get started.
The DVD includes .pdf files of the worksheets to go with the various lesson as well as the videos to watch the lessons.  I put the DVD in the computer printed out the first lesson's worksheets and tried the program for myself. (I try and preview the programs before I introduce them to the boys.)

Nathan noticed I was watching something and of course wanted to watch it too. (I had not intended to introduce Latin to my 6 year old). He thought the program looked pretty cool, but got bored pretty quickly (he is only 6 so I didn't figure it would be a good fit). As he was leaving he told me the teacher sounded like a fun teacher, so I guess that says something.

I decided Cameron was still a little young for the worksheets (he is almost 9) but I wanted him to at least watch the videos with me.  Nathan continued to "watch" some of it with us when we watched the videos.
Cameron thought the teacher was fun and a little goofy. (coming from Cameron that is a compliment).
Since we scaled back a bit this year with the variety of subjects, I am definately going to come back and watch the DVD and do the worksheets again with Cameron later in the year as I feel strongly about adding language to our curriculum.

So what do you get with Visual Latin?
Each DVD has 10 lessons complete with worksheets. The program is also available as a download.
We reviewed the DVD Latin1 which retails for $30.00
The downloadable version retails for $25.00 and the complete DVD collection 1-3 retails for $90.00 but as I am writing this it appears the complete DVD collection is on sale for $80.00.

Photobucket One thing that I really liked about the program is the classroom feel. I know as a homeschooler people assume I am against the classroom environment but sometimes the subject matter calls for the formality of the classroom.  The setting of the videos is clean and uncluttered leaving the student to focus on the teacher.

The website says it best really.

Add that to Dwane’s ability to address your children directly and your kids have their own personal Latin tutor right in your home.  They will smile, chuckle and even laugh at him as he teaches, whether it’s making a pun or making a mistake.
That’s right – we let the camera roll so every now and then Dwane slips up and corrects himself. It happens in a real class, right?  And kids make mistakes themselves, right?  This is something kids can relate to that builds great rapport. Furthermore, it relaxes them.
Overall there is a good combination of structure and the relaxed comfort of a personal tutor. 
Check out what my crew mates think of the program HERE 


I received the DVD copy of Visual Latin 1 as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew to review and give honest feedback here on my blog. All opinions unless noted are my own.

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