Sunday, October 2, 2011

Week 9 of the #homeschool year, what is in store this week?

I haven't done a lesson plan post for a while so I thought I would share what we have in store this week.

Cameron will be working in Time4Learning on his Language Arts, this seems to be a good fit for now.. Last week he actually scored a perfect 40 in one of the sections (he had been scoring 35 out of 40 as he was having the program read passages to him rather than reading them himself).  He will also continue with Math-U-See Foundations unit 13, we are working on multiplication so I will also have him do his math drills in BigIQKids.  On Monday he will have his usual Scripture assigned copywork, this week the verse is: Isaiah 45:22, although I'm not sure if I will have him do the King James version or the Contemporary English Version that is listed in his lesson for the week. I'll have to think about that one.

Nathan's week will play out a little differently as he had a minor crash with Daddy and the riding lawn mower... We will be doing more motor skill activities as a kind of physical therapy to deal with a sore shoulder. He will also be working on Spelling in BigIQKids. and money in  Math-U-See  Introduction. I am also introducing him to a new (to us) phonics and reading series that he seems to be enjoying. Last week we did the first 2 stories in the primer book and he stayed on track so I'm going to keep on moving us through. The first book is" Join the Circle" from Scribner Reading Series  and I have the workbook to go along with it, however we are not writing in the workbook we are just doing the exercises verbally. (I want to pass the set on to a friend when we are done with it)

I am also going to have all 3 of us working on Visual Latin. I worked through the introduction and first unit myself last week as a precursor to introducing it to the boys.

So that covers Monday, Tuesday , and Thursday activities. Wednesday is co-op group so we don't do a lot of school time mostly a quick activity on BigIQKids and Friday Mommy gets to go to Women of Faith in Portland so it will be Daddy School time (in other words, lets play outside in the shop and build stuff)

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