Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Life Skills: Shop Time

Nathan doesn't like it when I sneak pictures of him working so all I could get was the finished product.  After  math this morning (which was almost a battle), Nathan and Daddy disappeared out into the shop.
I went out to check and make sure Nathan wasn't bugging Daddy and found out that he was working. He helped with the brake job on his Auntie's Mazda  and when I arrived he was sorting out the rocks from the quickcrete mix to fix the crack in the shop floor.
So he learned how to mix concrete in small amounts, he learned for cracks the rocks needs to come out, and he learned how to spread to fill in the cracks. He also worked on his listening skills as you have to follow the directions given or it won't work.

He finished the job using an old coffee can to mix and pour the mix out of. He succeeded in fixing the crack the length of the shop and making it possible to move the shop bench on wheels easily across the shop.

Way to go guy!

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