Friday, May 30, 2008

Old Computers salvaged and running smoothly...

You guys know I don't have new computers.... so today I pulled out my laptop (vintage Windows ME installed originally) and started tweaking... I am deleting as much of the Windows as I can (I still will have Windows on the machine for 3 programs that depend on it...) but hope to run Ubuntu as the main OS. Currently I'm running Ubuntu from CD (amazingly enough my CD-Rom drive is actually working today...). I can't believe how much smoother this poor laptop runs even running from the CD... I have 3 tabs of FireFox open and haven't seen any slow down... I don't have much else running and I'm working my graphics stuff on the desktop today (can't run anything else or it will overload... )

Next project, try to reclock the processors in both machines to see if we can't get a little more speed and response out of them... Some day I will be able to afford a newer machine (custom built to my specs with lots of RAM, and lots of Graphics RAM, tons of Harddrive, and a quick processor...)

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