Friday, May 30, 2008

Random Thoughts on Planning Homeschool

The boys are at their Grandma's house for the weekend and I am home playing catch up for a nasty bug I has this last week. I'm planning and prepping some of our summer school ideas and decided to think out loud a little bit.

Flash Cards: Didn't realize they would be so hard to find online. Glad I'm able to create my own...

Flash Cards: Make a craft activity out of them. We will be creating a set of flash cards with each of our Units/LapBooks, I decided that one of our craft time projects will be making the flashcards..

Early Reading Books: I love some of the stories we have found. "Mouse Makes Words", "Sir Small and the Dragonfly", and "A Dozen Dogs" will be our first 3 for reading time. I haven't found a Cars (Disney) one yet, hopefully this next week as our big summer unit will be using Cars and Route 66. We have a Super Size LapBook, a field trip, and lots of fun activities planned to go with it. I suppose a trip to Walmart is in order to check for an early reader Cars book.

Games: Computer Games, I'm so glad I found the open-source community. I have come across a ton of games and educational links so I can set the boys' school computer up knowing the games will be educational and fun.

Balance: This is the goal... I hope I can come up with a balanced schedule that is effective and friendly.

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