Friday, June 27, 2008

Travels Lapbook Day 1

Summer school is going well. Now that I have my camera charged again I can hopefully post some pictures of our "classrooms".  We found a wipe off calendar grid in bright colors at Staples the other day so we can officially have calendar time now. Thank goodness as Cameron was not happy about not having calendar time.

Today we finally got started on our "CARS" themed travel/transportation unit. We are making a lapbook/ activity book. A race track game using dice and little stampers from the Dollar Tree as markers starts off the book. We talked about writing home while traveling and postage stamps.. Cameron drew his own stamps (I think the 2 mini books about stamps are from the Flat Stanley Lapbook at HomeschoolShare's website. We also built a LARGE library pocket for a car parts matching game Cameron and Mike are going to make.  Since there will be a lot of activities in the book we put the lapbook inside an old folder I had from college.. I think it was an Avery brand folder in a portfolio style with 2 wrap elastics... Any way the folder is perfect for carrying everything and gives us some extra surfaces to decorate... Again the Dollar Tree finds were perfect, Cameron added some wallies decorations to the outside of the folder and then added a colored picture of DocHudson to the back cover.

Tomorrow we are going to the kite festival for the day and won't be doing traditional school, but might do some carschool and talk about traveling since we have an hour drive to the beach...

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