Friday, October 3, 2008

Writing without worksheets: a New way to teach old school

I'm sure I'm not the first mom to come up with this... I know that I'm not as I was able to buy the products to do it.

We are working on our printing skills and I hate worksheets, and so does Cameron. So we got a wipe off board with primary lines at Walmart (there is one from Expo, but our was a back to school clearance item). We have 5 lines and the board is magnetic so we can use magnet letters to spell words then practise writing them.

Cameron took to this so fast that we have been letting him come up with "new" words on his own.

The idea isn't new, actually the concept goes back to slate tablets in schools long ago. This is just more colorful and has more options.

I was amazed at the options when we went to Staples to use our rebate coupon for some misc. supplies. WOW, the wipe off board and markers idea has taken old in a huge way. They even sell one that has felt on the backside and comes with foam letters (I didn't ever think about foamie letters on felt... )

Anyway just had to share a bit of sucess in our homeschool with everyone... I'll try and post some pictures of Cameron and his write board (as he calls it) this afternoon.

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