Sunday, May 3, 2009

CAPE Conference Review

Mike and I are just home from another great homeschool conference. We spent Friday and Saturday in Yakima, WA at CAPE. I so want to share the fun and exciting world of lapbooking with everyone and these conferences are giving me that opportunity. We were blessed in talking with moms and dads about the fun hands on learning that lapbooking offers as well as blessed by other vendors and the people at the conference. Mike attended several of the talks and also spoke in depth with a couple of the vendors. We are both growing in our spiritual journey through these conferences and the time we spent together as a couple on the drive to and from and the time at the conference.
I have to thank April and Kelly and the rest of the crew at CAPE for making this a fun weekend. For those that stopped by our booth and either purchased an In the Hands of a Child project or simply inquired about the ideas, THANK YOU!
I will be at 2 conference in June. Both are in Oregon. First June 6 at LIGHT in Eugene and second at OCEANetwork June 12, 13 in Portland. If you are planning to attend either of those conferences stop by and say hi...

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  1. That's so awesome that you and Mike got to spend that time together! It's SO important for husbands to be supportive of and active in homeschooling. It sounds like it was a wonderful time!