Friday, May 1, 2009

New Releases from In the Hands of a Child

Niki, Katie, and Kimm have been busy with several new releases at In the Hands of a Child.
Just re.leased this week (Friday) are two units. First, Emergency Services and Personal Safety for K-6th grade focusing on Community Helpers and How to Stay Safe in Your Neighborhood. In e-book form it retails for $20.00 and has a Project Pack Kit available for only $12.00. With the age range covered this will be a great kit for families, and could easily be adapted for middle school and high school students by adding some extra research activities. This would also make a great lead in for field trips to your local fire station, police station, hospital, etc... Could also be a great careers unit and open opportunities for volunteering in the community.

The second unit released this week, Environmental Science is graded for high school. Here is a great summary direct from the website " Every living thing has a place in nature. The Earth can be considered one giant Ecosystem that includes soil, air, climate, natural resources, and many communitiesliving and relying on each other.." The unit in e-book form retails for $25.00 and has a Project Pack Kit available for only $15.00. Being this is a high school unit there are more hands on graphic activities as well as extension activities. And , if you have younger students joining your highschoolers in homeschool activities don't forget to download the semi-annual freebie "EcoSystems".

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