Monday, May 11, 2009

Free Family Friendly movie Festival

Regal Cinemas is once again offering their Free Family Film Festival this summer. I have linked to Oregon theaters list, but you can search from the site for other theaters offering the program.

What a great way to see some PG and G rated movies during the summer.


  1. Hi Cariann,
    I saw your post on Picturing America with Hands of a Child. We're studying Pennsylvania this month, and I noticed quite a lot of the posters are working well with our study. I'm not using a HOAC project pack, but I know they have 2 different Pennsylvania ones. You can see what we're doing here:

  2. Gena,
    Thanks for stopping by. I will probably work a couple of state studies into the Picturing America stuff as well as the history and biographies and art appreciation..
    I am going to try and work the film festival into our Summer School program, although I haven't decided how yet. I need to review the movie list and see if I can match up a unit study to the movies being shown..