Friday, July 1, 2011

Book Review: Mini Mysteries

Let me start off by saying this is not a sponsored review. I received this book from a retired teacher and thought I would share how we are going to use it this coming year.

In this book there are 26 mini mysteries with comprehension skills questions on the back side of the page. I love that it is basically a 1 page story and questions to go with. The book published by Remedia Publications is graded for 3rd-6th grade which makes it perfect for Cameron.
I will be alternating a mini mystery with his Journaling so he will do 2 mysteries a week. This first book will get us through 2 months and if we like it I will go ahead and get volume 2 from our local teacher supply store, Learning Palace .  We read the first mystery last night just to see if he thought he would enjoy them.  And other than being in a bad mood last night he showed interest in the activity and liked that the story was only 1 page and was a mystery.  Since each story is only 1 page I can easily slip that page into his workbox folder the night before and be done with it.. I may even have him answer the questions into his journal and draw a picture to go with the story, thus saving the sheets for Nathan in a couple years.

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