Sunday, July 3, 2011

Book Review: Quick Tips Morning Messages

This is a unsponsored review of a book we will be using with Nathan this coming year.

I received a copy of Quick Tips Morning Messages by Annmarie Adams from a retired teacher friend of mine and as I was reading through it I decided it would be a good fit for Nathan's morning journal exercises.  This book is full of great tips for group morning messages but can also be used in a single student setting.   I am going to type up our morning messages and  and include the date and the activity that Nathan will do ... I took the tips from the book and created ones that will hopefully be fun for Nathan as he is my early riser and this will give him something he can do with little help from Mom or Dad.
I would definitely recommend this book for homeschoolers, especially if you have multiple kids, this could be a fun together activity to connect the learning of multiple subjects.  There are several reproducible pages to add to the activities such as; shapes, charts, and fill in the blanks.  Overall a good book for classroom teachers, homeschool families, or even a co-op setting.

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