Sunday, July 24, 2011

#Homeschool #Workbox Planning Box


This is part 2 of my revamp of the workbox system we worked with last year. I have a hanging file folder for each subject : Math, Grammar, Science, History,  and Bible.  Inside each folder is the booklet, master copies, etc.. for the coming weeks  that I need to copy or use for their folders.  I have made notes on their lesson plans so I know what book I need to pull out.   The boxes are small and portable which is nice but also means I still need to store the books for later use.

I hope this will help me stay ahead of what is coming up. I have sorted books and printables into 2 boxes like the one pictured (I would have preferred these to be color coordinated but they were given to me.. I think I will add something green to Nathan's just so I know which box goes with which boy).

One of the things I am most excited about this system is the flexibility. I am only committed to about 3 weeks in the box so if something isn't working I haven't over planned and can adjust things as needed.
I am also using a lot of Avery Note Tabs this year. I can write notes on the clear part and have the tab sticking out of the book. I am also putting lines note post-its on the cover of books that have more than one unit within them. so I know when I am done with 1 unit I can move it to the next file it needs to be in.

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