Sunday, July 31, 2011

#DaGeDar #Review and #Giveway

Do you remember just a couple of years ago when Zhu Zhu pets hit the market?  Well get ready for the next great toy from the same creators. DaGeDar is an awesome cross between speed and thought.
Welcome to Dimension 33 where these crazy 33 gram ball bearing balls have a personality of their own.

The boys and I received a special box of DaGeDar to try out. When it arrived Mike and I had our reservations knowing our boys would most likely try to throw them at each other or worse the windows. The boys were excited to play with the track we received and quickly assembled it. We noticed an I-beam piece was missing and emailed the company. The response was amazing, they quickly shipped us the replacement part.  While we waited for the part the boys played with the track  and launcher. The missing piece allowed them to experiment with the distant needed to make the hump between the 2 tracks.   Each character has it's own personality and on the ball is a number code that can be put into the website allowing the child to learn about that character.  During our time of playing with DaGeDar the opportunity came to have a party showcasing the DaGeDar line.  The timing couldn't have been more perfect. We had our family up from California that included several boys so we planned a BBQ and party to visit with family and introduce DaGeDar to all the boys. We had 7 boys ranging in age from 2- 16. Everyone had a blast, especially the younger ones.  All the moms were very cautious with the youngest but with supervision he was fine (he isn't a toy in mouth kid so it was ok.). The recommended age for the DaGeDar line is 4 and up, but you know you child, if your 4 year old is a thrower or likes to chew of toys I would recommend holding off.    I have loaded our party pictures highlighting the DaGeDar tracks we received on our Facebook page. Feel free to stop by and see the fun we had.

One lucky reader is going to win a set of DaGeDar balls and either a spinner or carrying case . Shipped to them direct from the company.  (limited to U.S. residents).

We received 2 shipments of DaGeDar products from MomSelect to review and host a party in exchange for our honest opinion. No other monetary compensation was received and all opinions are that of Unionvale Homeschool Staff and Students.

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