Sunday, July 31, 2011

#Workboxes ready to start #school?

Since we are only two days from school starting I decide I should get the files loaded. I have a few last  minute things to get but I think we are ready. I have the file, folders, and a supply bucket for each of the boys. (color coordinated of course)
The Supply bucket was something I picked up at the dollar store a while back... I used black puff paint to write their names on the bucket and the file.  Inside the bucket is a zippered pencil pouch, 2 primary pencils , a dual pencil sharpener (again color coordinated), 1 pack of Crayola thin makers, and a mini composition book (a quick place to write a note if we need to.) I still need to add a pair of scissors for each of them and would like to find a color crayon holder in green (I have a blue one already) so they have a box to put their crayons in..
The file folders have an laminated label on the front so each of the boys know what the assignment is  and what supplies he might need to get. I used a Vis-aVis wet erase marker so it won't come off inside the file and I can double check that assignments at the end of the day.. I have a box of Huggies wipes in the resource room so I can clean off the folder and write the next assignment's notes when I load them in the evening.
The lesson plans are written and ready to put on the folders. The only thing left is fill them and put together Mommy's journal. I started a homeschool journal when we began,but it quickly got put aside, I am going to keep it simple and use a 3 ring binder and basic ruled notebook paper... nothing fancy (I might decorate the binder if I get a chance...)

As I put the finishing touches on things tonight I'm sure there will be another post...


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