Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Organizing your digital resource

I don't know about you but I have e-books, coloring pages, catalogs, projects, articles, tons of other resources that are all digital.

When I started this homeschool journey I knew e-books were going to be a huge part of our school. I decided from the beginning that I would try and keep them organized. Well after 2 computer crashes and a laptop dying I  think I have finally come up with a solution that is working for us.  I sync my net-book with my external hard-drive about twice a month and once a month I move files from my desktop to the external hard-drive sorting them into their prospective folders.

I have articles sorted by method (Charlotte Mason, Montessori, Traditional, etc..) I have subject files (art, Bible, math, grammar, history, etc..) and then I have publishers for companies I have a lot of stuff from (Hands of a Child, Simple Schooling, TOS,) I have a folder of photos and a folder for MP3 files from online conferences , etc...  It isn't a perfect system, but so far I've only purchased 3 items I already had.

A couple of things I have learned. 1. Know the policy of the online store you purchase things from. How long do you have to download the item? What if something goes wrong and you lose files?  2. If you get something for free and you enjoy it, make a note so you can support that vendor again. 3. Know the vendor's copyright policy. Can this item be used with a co-op or is it single family only; and PLEASE abide by their guidelines, many of these vendors are homeschool families just like you.

If you like a vendor share a link with friends on Facebook or twitter, many of these companies have Facebook pages where they will share ideas and possibly freebies or deals.

Do you have a tip for storing your digital media for homeschooling? Share a comment or link below.

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