Wednesday, June 13, 2012

No Bully Here Thanks to Captain McFinn

Sand Dusty Reef
Meet Captain McFinn he use to be one of the worst bullies on Sand Dusty Reef. now he is Captain of the Undersea Friends where he and his sea friends teach kids about bullying, how to spot it, how to react, and most importantly how to not be a bully.

Captain McFinn and Friends meet Coral Rose (SB)
With our local library Summer Reading Program kicking off, this book came to us under perfect timing. The boys and I read both Captain McFinn and Friends books and enjoyed listening the  the fun CD.
The Legend of Captain McFinn and Friends  and Captain McFinn and Friends meet Coral Rose are written by Phyllis C. Cafaro and are designed to engage children as they learn. Not only where the books beautifully illustrated but their stories caught the boys' attention and held it the whole time we read, even when the book was pink and featured a girl character.
If your child is being bullied or has a problem being a bully these books are a fun, light hearted way to approach a very serious and hard subject.
Both books, the fun musical CD, and the activity books can be purchased online at Captain McFinn's webpage.  You will also find a fun activities page as well as various resources for parents and teachers and much much more.  Parents and Librarians may also be interested in following Captain McFinn's Blog
The Legend of Captain McFinn and Friends (SB)The books retail for $9.99 for the softcover or $17.99 for the hardcover. The CD is available for $9.99 , there is also a printed activity book that retails for $5.99. Everything is available on the Captain McFinn website as well as Amazon
Come Along with The Friend-Ship Band CD
Not only did we receive copies of the CD and books to read and review here on our blog , the author was gracious enough to donate 5 copies of each of the books and a CD to Dayton Library's Summer Reading Program; the donation of books and CD will be added to our books for kids to take home during the summer reading program to inspire reading. What an amazing gift to our little community, we are very grateful to Mrs. Cafaro for her generous gift.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of each book and cd listed in this post in exchange for my honest opinion, no other monetary compensation was received. 

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