Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer school lesson plans

So we are back in school at least last week, this week is VBS so not so much school per-say.
Any way, I think I have our summer session mapped out

Math: Mix of Montessori activities, Math-u-See Foundations, and Math Essentials and Professor B Math (It might look like a crazy mess, but honestly we are reviewing 2 of these for the Crew and depending on how they go will determine if they stay on the radar)
Bible: Apologia Who is My Neighbor , also considering adding a Bible marking workshop for the family.
Reading: McGuffey's along with various other books for Summer Reading Program.
History: TruthQuest, Story of the World volume1, Knowledge Quest Maps, and Greenleaf History of the Old Testament along with various fun bits and pieces as we work our way through Genesis and Exodus over the summer.

I'm still working on a handwriting program for Cameron and putting the finishing touches on my version of Montessori grammar.

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