Saturday, April 9, 2011

H is for Hands of a Child

I know our letters aren't in order but we are working on them and trying to catch up.
I decided a couple of these posts should be dedicated to companies we have used in the past on our homeschool journey. Today H is for Hands of a Child. IF you have spent any time at all following Unionvale School's journey you know we love In the Hands of a Child lapbook company.

We have used about 15 of the over 400 units In the Hands of a Child has and we own well more than this mom cares to admit.  Currently they are running a promo on bundles you can get some great deals for hands on learning over the summer and on into next school year.  Besides lapbook units with everything you need (no extra researching) Hands of a Child also has notepacks designed for Notebooking. Recently they introduced a wonderful new line of folders and books to put your notebook pages and lapbook minibooks in. I really can't say enough about Hands of a Child. We were blessed to represent them 2 years go at several homeschool conventions in Oregon and Washington where we met some of the most wonderful homeschoolers.  Although they aren't at the Oregon Convention this year you can still purchase their wonderful products online. I prefer e-book so this is great for me. With limited bookshelf space I love e-book format.. It is saved on their website for me as well as my own external hard drive. I also have several units on my Nook e-book reader for reading and lesson planning.

Before you ask, No this was not a paid ad or sponsored post. I just knew when I was planning my A to Z posts H would have to go to these ladies. Kimm, Katie, and Nicki are wonderful and they have a wonderful team working with them.


  1. I love Hands and Hearts lapbooks and I really love their new kits that come with everything!

  2. hands of a child is cute/pure.

    what a tender take on H.