Saturday, April 23, 2011

S is for Scripture

While I have gotten very lax in our scripture copywork lately. I am still working on finding scripture verses for each of our units. Right now we are still working on our Civil War Study and have been using quotes from various charatcters within the civil war. I do have a couple of Scriptures I will use with the boys as we continue our study.
I want the boys to love scripture and have found that copywork helps them remember the verse and see their accomplishment in learning it. While we have other games we play to remember verse copywork seems to work the best.

I do have a Resurrection Sunday Activity for the boys to copy (I can't remember where I found it)

Do you have a favorite Scripture for your homeschool? feel free to share.
I am still trying to select one to highlight, there are so many wonderful verse related to teaching and guiding our children.

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