Friday, April 15, 2011

N is for Notebooking

Our friends at Hands of a Child supplied this post with a freebie.

Have you checked out our newest product line…Note Packs??
We are sure once you’ve tried them you will love them and, in fact, for a limited time we are going to offer you a free download for one of our Note Packs.

What Makes our Note Pages different from all the other Notebooking products out there today?
We’ve taken all the prep work out of using Note Packs for you the teacher!   Just like our Lapbook products, we have included ALL of the information needed to complete the Note Pages, as well as a detailed list of activities telling the students what to answer into each Note Page.

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See a unit you are interested in purchasing in Note Pack format that does not yet have that option?  No problem!  Simply email Niki at and we will get started on it as soon as possible.  Bring Laughter and Learning into the Hands of a YOUR Child!

Note Pack (Same price as the Lapbook Version)
With our Note Packs your students are able to enjoy the same Research Guide and activities without the cutting and pasting. We provide students with fun, educational notebooking pages to answer all their activities into that can be simply 3-hole punched and added to any binder.  These are the same price as the eBook or Printed versions of our Lapbook Units.
Note Packs are:
  • Perfect for older students who like to add more research and information into their studies.
  • Perfect for family studies when all the kids want to work together on one project yet make it their own.
  • Notebooking units that are available as eBooks format or in Printed Format.

Project Pack Plus ($10 more then the Lapbook Version)
Do you have both older and younger students? Then the Project Pack Plus (PP+) is a great option for you!   A PP+ unit  includes both the Lapbook graphics as well as the Notebook pages. PP+ units are $10 more than the Lapbook only option.
  • PP+ units come in both  eBook format as well as  Printed Format.
  • A PP+ unit includes both the complete Lapbook Project Pack  PLUS the Note Pack!
 ***This article and offer written by  Kimm Bellotto, co-owner of Hands of a Child********

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