Thursday, July 12, 2012

Professor B's #Math a supplemental helper #hsreviews

PhotobucketMath is one of those subjects I was always good at, but sometimes have trouble teaching 2 different levels at the same time with the boys, so I am always looking for supplemental things to try and reinforce whatever lesson we happen to be working on or whatever area we might be struggling with. Thankfully as a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew I have been blessed with a variety of math programs to try with the boys.   Professor B is the newest math program we have tried. I love the idea of 3 years of math in one program and at a pace that can potentially help teach more of the basics in an effective fashion.
Professor B is a web-based program designed by Everard Barrett a math educator from New York with experience in elementary through college level Math education.  The Professor B program structures math like a story rather than the traditional format. At first I wasn't sure what to think of it but as we watched the videos and read the lesson on the screen I began to see that connectedness of the program, however the boys became frustrated with Mommy sitting with them to do their math on the computer. Since my youngest is working on 3rd grade math but is at a 1st/ 2nd grade reading level I have to sit with him to read what Prof B was saying and my 4th grader doesn't focus as well on reading from the computer so I ended up sitting with him as well.  Both of the boys enjoyed the worksheets that went along with the program so that made the computer based time a little easier once they realized , if we get through this part we can go do our worksheet ourselves. I guess that is the goal, to create independent learners, so I can see the positive in the situation.
One thing we had trouble with was each time we logged on I would have to go through my notes to remember where we left off with each of the boys. I think this is something they are working to improve.  I did really like the fact that we could jump around a little if we needed too, for instance my oldest was struggling with larger number place values so I found the lesson that went over place values and had him go through that lesson before we moved on to level 2.  I also found it interesting for the boys to learn different ways of completing the same problem, especially with multiplication. I have found that just like different learning styles in the broad spectrum, you can have a different learning style in a variety of subjects, and the Prof B program helped with that in that it is a visual and auditory program (since I had to read the slides to them) and then a hands on program with the practice pages.
The jury is still out on the value of the product overall, but that might just be that we are finding success with other math programs right now and this was just icing on an already sweet cake.
Professor B's program is priced at $100 for 3 years of access to a single level . You can check out a Sample Lesson and learn more about Professor B's Methods. You can also check out what the rest of the crew thought by clicking the image below.


Disclaimer: We received an online copy of this program as a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew in exchange for our opinion of the program.

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