Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer Fun at the Zoo #sunsetzoo

We spent an evening at the Oregon Zoo enjoying the sights and the sounds. This particular evening included a lot more sounds, music sounds that is.  We listened to Boka Marimba a local group performing wonderful music of Zimbabwe.  You can hear some of their wonderful music on YouTube.
This was just one of the fun things going on during the Sunset at the Zoo opening night event. This series will continue every other Wednesday through August at the Oregon Zoo. Since it had been a couple of years between visits we decided to explore the Zoo some. Honestly the last time unvldad and I were at the zoo our youngest was maybe 3, so we had not seen the Africa exhibit open. Cameron was excited to show us the Africa exhibit, that became our focus after we explored some of the fun activities tied into Sunset at the Zoo had to offer.
People were already filling up the main stage lawn for the evening concert.

Nathan is such a little science guy, he tried out the Owl Pellet dissection and found a couple of leg bones he was able to identify. 
He was so excited to explore the pellet even if he didn't really know what the Owl pellet was. I am so grateful that he is eager to explore and learn. I only hope that I can find more ways for him to search out and explore the world around him.

Next we made our way to the Africa exhibit where the boys explored and played and generally cooled off from the temps,

Oregon Zoo

Cameron has been obsessed with Cheetahs even since he watched and episode of Wild Kratz on PBS so when we ventured through the beautiful Africa exhibit he was so happy to see the cheetahs and asked if I would take extra pictures for him. Of course I obliged him the request as long as I could take a few of him and this brother along the way. 

Within the exhibit the boys found a Safari ride to drive and added to their excitement. The zoo is so much more fun with a couple of crazy boys to hang out with.

Of course I took more pictures but this one really struck me. Both of these beautiful cheetahs sat posed so perfectly. I had so much fun watching them and shooting pictures at Cameron's request.

The display area made the boys feel like they were really on a safari.


The boys had fun playing in the mongoose tunnel.

The final request was to see the giraffes All three the boys asked to see the giraffes, so off we went, and as we ventured down the paths we could still hear bits of the music filling the air.

Cameron was captivated by the giraffes and just watched them gracefully wander.

Even Daddy enjoyed the giraffes, I think he felt a kindred spirits with them.

We had such a fun evening of exploring the zoo, activities and music. I highly recommend my local friends check out the Oregon Zoo and try and attend a Sunset at the Zoo event.

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