Monday, July 30, 2012

There is hope for the future of education in this country. #readmissionpossible

My blog is usually focused on homeschooling, but I know some of my readers are also teachers so I try and share educational information that can be valuable to everyone, that is why I am so excited to share this book.
I love reading books that give me ideas to improve my teaching not just in our homeschool but also in our co-op so this book was received with an open mind.
The Title of the book alone says it all for me. "How the Secrets of the Success Academies can work in ANY school"
Mission Possible by Eva Moskowitz and Arin Lavinia takes a hard look at what is wrong with the public school system but instead of beating a dead horse, they show just how stepping out of the box and getting the kids really excited about learning with teachers that are excited about teaching can really help everyone.  I love the idea that things happen at a faster pace and the kids are excited about school.  I remember being excited about school but also being bored often, I know that at home we have to be careful to keep the excitement level alive.
Several sections of the books really drove the Success Academies ideas home. Peer Reviews are done quickly with issues being addressed the same day so they don't become a bad habit. I LOVE the idea that more reading is key, having even the young Kindergartners are reading books.  I love her idea the students "are short but not stupid".
Teacher training is a huge key and as a homeschool Mom I am always reading and learning more to add to our homeschool. We school year round and usually only 4 days a week of formal "classroom" time, however I want to instill a love of learning in my boys and encourage them to "learn" all the time, that can be shop time with Daddy, helping the neighbor with her fruit stand during the summer, exploring the garden or the pond, any number of non-traditional activities. While they are learning outside or playing and creating their own learning activities I try and get some additional learning in myself, things like online conferences, reading blogs, articles, or books on a subject or style of teaching, any numbers of activities to improve our homeschool. I understand the hours are hard, but I see the value in my boys' smile and excitement when we try and succeed at something new, or when we spend that quiet time together reading a wonderful new book and talking about the charters or the theme, or simply enjoying the story being told.
The included DVD is filled with examples in live classroom which I love. I feel like I can actually put some of these things into action even in our 2 student homeschool. I also love the examples and the raising the bar for everyone.
Here is an interview with one of the authors.

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