Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Looking ahead, at least to next week

Since we have been doing light school for the passed few weeks I decided we need to get back to business. The Schoolhouse Review Crew year is just starting and we will be receiving items soon. Last night I sat down with a planner page and wrote out our plans for next week.  The boys love having a say in their school day so I listed which subjects we would focus on each day and then listed their options

Monday is Math, Spelling, and Bible
Tuesday is Science and Grammar
Wednesday is Spelling, History, and Math
Thursday is Science and Story Games
Friday is fun day with learning games

There is a list of activities they can choose from with most subjects except Bible and grammar. Bible they will have their lesson to read and their verses to write. Grammar is split, Cameron will have a fun activity I found online working on editing sentences for grammar mistakes, while Nathan will help me create a Montessori themed farm game. I am going to pick up some farm animal toys at the local Dollar Tree or Grocery Outlet and then have Nathan figure out words to go with all the animals, that way it is his game. I will make the sentence strips and word cards for him.

Math options include the Stamp Game, Checkerboard, and Snake Game. All homemade versions of Montessori activities
Spelling options include Reading Roads word creation, Letter Tile activities  or Worksheets with Spelling lists. (Some days they prefer worksheets)
History activities include building a pyramid, drawing pictures, reading different stories, and if I can find the MP3 file listening to a story.
Science is a new unit we will be starting so they will have a couple of get to know the unit activities while we wait for the books to arrive. (I have samples that include the first chapter so we can get started early, but I'd rather wait for the books)

Story Games includes options like Playmobil, Legos, or story dice
Fun Day with Learning Games includes: BrainQuest game, a Melissa and Doug game they got for Christmas or Scrabble RSVP.

I'm looking forward to it and hope they enjoy it.

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