Monday, January 14, 2013

Math Monday with Vintage 3M bookshelf games

I decided to take it easy for Math today, I pulled out a vintage Bookshelf game from 3M I remember playing when I was little, Quinto. I scored this copy of the game at Goodwill awhile back when green was the color of the week so I paid $1.50. The object of the game is to lay down number tile that equal 5 or whose sum is divisible by 5. Playing a fun game of Quinto worked on mental math skills for both boys although Nathan got tired of the game quicker than I had hoped.
Math games
We didn't keep score this time as this was the first time either of the boys had seen the game, we just played until all the tiles were played.
Math Games

Since the tiles are smaller than say scrabble tiles, I held mine in my hand and the boys layed their's on the table hidden from the other one.

Unionvale Homeschool
Cameron enjoyed himself and is already asking when we get to play again.
Math Mission accomplished for this week! Fun game while working on math facts and improving mental math skills.


  1. This game sounds real interesting!

    I would of felt like the best thrifter in the world scoring that game.

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thanks for posting this on Math Monday. I've never heard of it...I'll keep my eyes open for a copy! ;)

  3. Daddy Michael would geek out for this game!

  4. This sounds like fun…the nerd in me can completely appreciate this as a grown-up activity :)

  5. Have you heard of Bedtime Math? I like doing that with my kids. Each day they email me a word math problem.