Tuesday, January 22, 2013

V is for Vintage, a field trip

We took a field trip to a local antique mall but before we stopped at our local Walmart for a Subway lunch. Nathan loves going to Subway because he can make his sub exactly the way he wants it.

We arrived at Lafayette Schoolhouse Antique mall as a history lesson. Thankfully there were not a lot of cars or a lot of people at the mall today.

Nathan was captivated by the vintage cars, he was thinking he might like to add a few to his collection of Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars.

Mommy on the other hand was dreaming of a new to me couch for the living room, hey a girl can dream can't see.
Nathan found a gate leg table like we have in our hallway, he thought this one was better because it had a drawer in the middle to hide treasures in.
He also found an old Playskool brand wooden take a part truck he thought would be lots of fun, even if he is a little old for that.

Overall he learned about toys and treasures from by gone days and we talked about when the various toys were made and what kinds of things were happening during those eras. 


  1. Love the pictures! I love going to the antique store myself, but it is hard to go with the kids...

    1. My husband had our oldest with him so it was feasible to do this otherwise it never would have happened. I wouldn't take both boys to any antique store that would be asking for trouble.

  2. Oooooh! Look at all those Little Golden Books on the shelf! What a neat time you all had!

  3. Fun! I guess Subway isn't quite vintage yet. ;)