Monday, February 18, 2013

Homeschool Computer Center

We are in transition right now, but the boys needed their own computer center set up
Outside my husband is lowering the floor in the loft to create the office/ man cave so in the mean time the office soon to be bedroom for N is on hold and the office (still to remain office just becoming Mommy's) is the center of all things computer and networking.
Two weeks ago I moved the bookcase from the bedroom to the office to start setting up books in a more organized fashion. This past weekend I realized I needed to get the boys' computer center up and running , so quickly converted the middle of the bookcase to a computer station. The monitor and speakers are sitting at the center most spot on the bookcase, leaving 2 shelves above for Mommy's Bible study shelf and Teacher's manuals on a shelf with a 3 drawer piece to sort loose papers in for now.
The end table setting in front of the bookcase include a drawer where I hope to store the keyboard (not the one pictured) so we can use the top of the table for the music keyboard as we begin a new music program with the boys. Thankfully there is also a shelf on the bottom to hold some school books, making it easier for the boys to find some of the community books. Since the whole set up in very short, I added a wooden step stool as a temporary chair. The Computer itself is set up next to the bookcase out of sight but still accessible.

I am hoping to set up a small desk for their computer once I have the layout of this small room figured out, but for now this will work.

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