Monday, August 5, 2013

5 days of Elementary Montessori: Day 1 Spelling Fun

Unionvale HomeschoolWelcome to 5 days of Elementary Montessori with Unionvale Homeschool, I'm glad you stopped by. 

Today I want to share a couple of fun ideas for spelling. We don't do a formal spelling program although I am looking into a couple for later in the year. Right now, we play a lot of games with the boys for spelling. 

The favorite is Boogle Dice. 

This simple game keeps the boys focused on what is in front of them and incorporates both boys and a parent to play. 
We have combined 2 Boogle jr. games into a small plastic container.. The rules are simple. Everyone sits together in a circle on the floor. Parent starts, gently tossing the dice on the floor between everyone. Parent goes first and builds a word (no more than 4 letters) using the letters that fell in the circle. The next person buiilds 1 word with the remaining letters, and finally the last person goes repeating the activity. After everyone has built one word and said the word, we look for rules or formulas to discuss and then start round 2. The next round 1 of the boys goes first, usually we go clockwise just to keep it simple. The person that rolls goes first and the game goes around. 

Another spelling activity is movable alphabet races. This is a game Daddy made up for the boys. I gave him a stack of 2nd and 3rd grade Dolche word flash cards and he started calling out the words with the boys, the first boy to spell it correctly got to build it and write it. Since it was a race the boys immediately responded to the competition idea and worked to be the first one to spell the word. 

I also recently purchased an e-book of 101 Ways to Make Spelling Fun and can't wait to put these in the mix of choices for the boys. I love the idea that they have options for meeting their goals.

Come back tomorrow for another episode of 5 days of Elementary Montessori where I will talk a bit about sentence building activities.
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