Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Schoolhouse EXPO is coming August 19th-23rd

Are you ready  to be inspired?

Are you ready for 5 days of inspiration from some of the leaders in the Homeschool community? I know I am!
August 19-23, 20313 is the Old Schoolhouse Expo, an online conference where it doesn't matter how dressed up you are or aren't. You can join in wearing your jammies if you want. 
The schedule is full of awesome speakers and a wonderful time of encouragement with most speakers starting at the top of the hour.  You can purchase a ticket to this amazing event for only $24

Ray ComfortCarol Topp
Dean ButlerAdam Andrews
Todd WilsonAndrew Pudewa
Jessica HulcyAnn Dunagan
Diana WaringChristine Field
Dr. Jay WileDavid C. Gibbs III
Hal & Melanie YoungDavid Stelzl
Kim KautzerDavis Carman
Antony KolencEvonne Mandella
Terri JohnsonTyler Hogan
Andy HarrisMarie Rippel
Jennifer CourtneyDeborah Wuehler
Joaquin FernandezHeather Laurie
Malia Russell
And More!!!

What an amazing list of speakers. 
I am on the west coast and am excited mostly because the activities don't get going until 10am Pacific time.

Will I see you there?

***I received my ticket to the event in exchange for sharing my thoughts before , during, and after the expo. All thoughts and opinions on the event are my personal opinions. ***

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