Friday, August 2, 2013

To Clip or To Click that is my new question

I recently posted a review of a couponing book and since then I have been really thinking about how I coupon. So the question today is to clip or to click? As a busy homeschool mom with many irons in the fire, I am realizing that traditional couponing may not be the best use of the time I am given each day.

 Last summer I attended a blogger event Sponsored by Safeway introducing their Just for U program on their rewards card and while I can still use paper coupons to find some amazing deals, the amount I save by spending just a few minutes on their website is between 40 and 50%. I am also looking at where we do most of our grocery shopping and realizing that those places don't accept manufactures coupons.

Grocery Outlet is probably our most used grocery retailer and they don't take coupons except their own store coupons. 

Next in line is Walmart, yes they take coupons and they even prices match, but since our Walmart in town is not a super center, I find that most of what I get I can usually find an internet coupon for.

 Next on the list, Safeway, they take manufacturers coupons but honestly the majority of those coupons as available as clickables on their website.

Costco.comFinally, Costco; they take coupons but the send a coupon book out monthly for that and I flip through the book and take the whole book with me if we decide it is a good month to go. 

Don't get me wrong, I love couponing and the challenge of finding a great deal but I need to be more aware of the time I am spending and is it worth the effort. 
For those that coupon, what are your thoughts, to clip or click? For those that are thinking about couponing, does the idea of clicking for coupons make it seem easier?

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