Monday, June 3, 2013

Grammar anchor charts for homeschool writing #sponsored

"I used Grammarly to grammar check this post, because even the English major turned homeschool mom can use a little help."

We are hitting the books pretty hard this summer, especially with writing and grammar. Since the boys seem to struggle with very simple plain writing, I was looking at some ways to help them . Searching Pinterest I found a couple of interesting ideas, but actually felt that I could make my own fairly easily. I hit the Dollar Tree for sheets of poster board on the cheap ($.50 a sheet). I cut each sheet into quarters since I do not need huge charts, so each chart starts out with a cost of $.125.

The first chart I made: a collection of NOUNS to go with story stones (I'll share those in another post)

I dug through my stash of old Creative Memories stickers and ABCs and found the perfect collection. I used 2 sheets of ABC stickers and 2 sheets of the coordinating stickers. I color coded the squares and the words to help the boys see the whole word and not mix it up with the word above or below. This chart has 22 simple nouns and is for Nathan more than anyone else.
The  Adjectives chart came from a Pinterest post by Step into 2nd Grade. The boys already love the design and examples. I kept it to 3 colors (Pink, Green, and Blue) as those are the colors we tend to use (Pink for Mom, Blue for Cameron, and Green for Nathan)
Finally, the Adverbs poster. This is a combination of several charts and worksheets. I left space in each box for additional words the boys might find to add.
My next projective includes strong verbs and proof-reading/ editing symbols. I may also include a grammar symbols chart for Nathan to use when diagramming sentences. I am considering a set of anchor charts for Math as well, but that will have to wait.

Thank you to for assistance with this post. Have you tried Grammarly yet? 
*a portion of this post was sponsored by Grammarly, I have a membership with Grammarly that I pay for.***

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