Friday, June 28, 2013

Upcylcing and reusing for healthy seasoning

I love making my own seasoning and mixes , sometimes I make too much of a good thing.
Thankfully though, containers are reusable!
The larger size Parmesan cheese shaker holds my shredded dehydrated garlic (I also have one full of shredded dry coconut). The smaller jar is a Ball quilted jelly jar with a smaller Parmesan cheese shaker lid. I have been saving the Parmesan cheese lids from the smaller size containers for about 6 months (begging friends to save them too). I have 6 on hand now and hope to have 3 or 4 more by the end of the summer. I love that I can use the container as a shaker or spoon larger amounts out! 
I can combine a variety of dried herbs to create my own mixes, dry rubs, seasoning, etc... and not use as much salt in our diets. Bring on the dry herb mixes of late summer.

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