Monday, June 3, 2013

Mom Fashion: Casual Dressy

Some days I want to dress a little nicer but don't want to wear a long skirt and get dressed up. Thankfully I found another multipurpose top at Ross. I love the layers and the Rayon blend fabric. The top layer is a faux vest with rings in a taupe color making it incredibly versatile. The basic shape of the bottom layer makes it comfortable yet stylish. I added the neutral toned necklace and black slacks. The overall outfit is comfortable and a bit dressier than everyday wear. Unionvale Home
 The slacks are my goto Old Navy slacks from 5 or more years ago, the wash and wear perfectly.  I have worn the top with skirts , jeans, and slacks. For less than $15 I added a easy to use piece to my wardrobe. 
Ross Dress for Less

Keeping it real and affordable!

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