Thursday, June 6, 2013

Math Mammoth Green Series: Supplement and Review for multigrades

I love when I find a helpful program that is versitile enough to cover a variety of areas of math. Thankfully we were asked to review one such program. Math Mammoth by Maria Miller, green series is one such program.

We received 3 workbooks for Cameron to work on : Fractions, Geometry, and Statistics. All 3 had elements that we could use as they are graded for 3rd-7th for the most part. We were able to add a worksheet from each book to the mix of math each week.
The fractions worksheets inspired both boys actually to find fraction activities outside of worksheets and improved their understanding of fractions. We worked through 5 fraction worksheets before we got to a point that is was more than Cameron could handle. We will be returning to fractions through the summer and into next school year.
With sections on equivalent fractions, comparing , adding and subtracting like, simplifying , multiplying and dividing fractions and more it covers everything a student will need to understand about fractions over their school career and beyond.
The file includes 61 worksheets for $6.95 as a pdf download. I will be using the same worksheets with Nathan next year to firm up fractions on paper for him as well as continuing with Cameron.

Math Mammoth Geometry Worksheet Collection book coverThe Geometry section introduced several new concepts to Cameron and reminding me of my freshman year of high school Geometry class. We worked on angles, triangles and other polygons before he got overwhelmed (I think we all get a bit overwhelmed with geometry). These worksheets gave us an opportunity to use some new tools including the protractor We will be revisiting this one more over the summer with area and volume and pythagorean theorem coordinating some hands on activities to firm up the concepts as needed. This workbook is 91 pages with 83 worksheets and sells for $9.00 as a pdf download.  The Geometry set did a really good job breaking down the various  aspects of geometry in a way that we could work through. As we move into area and volume we will spend more time with these sheets to fully grasp each concept and the tools it teaches.

Math Mammoth Statistics Worksheets Collection book cover

Finally Statistics , while this is a concept you wouldn't normally expect to teach a 3rd or 4th grader I felt he could really gain a solid foundation. this set is really focused the majority for 5th-7th but we did get a strong start on graphs and data analysis. We will save the rest of the information on Mean, Median, and Mode along with Variation and Projects for next year. As a blogger understanding graphs and data is valuable.  This worksheet set includes 47 worksheets and retails for $5.25. I think I hoped he would understand more of the information, but I know we will be able to come back to it later on and include it in our math journals.

Overall these worksheets have added focused practice that Cameron needed in areas of math that were not as strong in our curriculum already.  I am very grateful for the bite size approach offered in Worksheets by Topic. Each of the topics has samples available on the various pages if you are interested in a particular subject.
 The Math Mammoth program offers full curriculum as well. We reviewed the light blue series previously  and will be bringing that one out for Nathan in the fall.

I really like the programs variety and flexibility, I can print what I need when I need it and if we need to work on a concept again , I can reprint that section.

Math Mammoth covers a variety of topics in the Green Series as well as grades in  the Gold Series .

There  is something for everyone with Math Mammoth.
The Crew reviewed some of the variety available and share their thoughts.


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