Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Christianity Cove Tween a Rock and a Hard Place plus the Lord's Prayer

We received two different products from Christianity Cove  for review with the boys. Christianity Cove provides Sunday School lessons filled with games, activities and real life lessons for a variety of ages.
Tween MinistryThe first product we received for review Tween a Rock and a Hard Place , is designed for 9-12 year olds and helps parents and Church teachers discuss some of the tough topics with tweens. I love the thought on the webpage "Jesus isn't intimidated by tweens and neither should you be". Since I don't have a problem talking to by boys (ages 7 and 10) about issues I was hoping for something a little bit more that I got. While we did find some good discussions born from the e-book we received. I really felt there could have been more to the program. Unfortunately, I can't offer suggestions for what needs to be different as I have simply fallen back on the basics of the Bible to find answers to the majority of questions and issues that have arisen with the boys. While my boys aren't perfect in their behaviour, we have found that a dialogue and a reminder of behavior works the best for the issues. I know that may seem like I live in a bubble and believe me I don't. I have told the boys stories that are real and straightforward about the hard stuff in life.  If you are having trouble talking with your tween (by the way , that label is one that has never sat well with me, I wish I could come up with something different.) about the tougher issues of the world this can be a useful tool for language and activities to open doors. The e-book retails for $29 on the website.
The second book we reviewed, Lord's Prayer Lesson Pack retails for $19.99 and is filled with 14 activities to help your children understand the Lord's Prayer. We used this both our boys although I can see using it with slightly younger students and even older students (age 5-15 I suppose).  We did find several of the activities and discussions useful with the boys although they seems to really do well with copy work and breaking it down line by line.
I taught Sunday School to a variety of ages (3-14) for 4 years where I was always looking for inexpensive activities to teach the foundations of faith and this would have been very useful in that setting. The crafts and activities would really fit well into a Sunday School program. Looking back through my files I actually found some of Mary-Kate Warner's materials  that I used in Sunday School. I could also see these activities be handy in a larger family but with only 2 boys, it took some tweaking to make the activities really work , and as I was tweaking I realized I could show the boys the importance of prayer without the activities but with simple words and reading the surrounding text from the Bible. Again, I'm not saying this isn't a good program, but for us it didn't work out. Both my boys know the Lord's Prayer from simple practise and use each week, saying it in Sunday School and thinking about the meaning as we say it.
Christianity Cove has a variety of programs available online, if you teach Sunday School you are bound to find something useful on their site. The crew reviewed several of her programs and share their thoughts.


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