Sunday, June 30, 2013

Pickled carrots ? sure why not!

I seem to have an abundance of carrots, so why not pickle them?
I decided to go with a simple Lacto-fermented method using dill , garlic, white pepper, carrots, and a salt water brine.
I made 1 quart jar and 1 pint jar with the simple recipe and stored them on the shelf in my pantry with a dish clothe under them. I burped them every other day so they wouldn't make a mess.
After 2 weeks of moderate temperatures the pint jar had grown a mold, but the quart jar turn out perfect.

I have used the pickled carrots in potato salad and sliced on a grilled burger (I am out of regular dill pickles)

The flavor is really good and since I used whole carrots in the quart jar the seem to have kept their crunch. I moved the jar into the refrigerator to slow down the fermentation.

Next round I am going to use a bail style glass jar (I have domed lids for them bail jars) hoping I won't have to burp them as often that way.

Next round of carrots will also include shredded carrots and ginger in hopes of a kraut flavor and texture.

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