Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Before Five in a Row Review: Children's Literature for Homeschool



You can never spend too much time with your children and even better yet you can never teach them too much.  Before Five in a Row takes on both of those ideas in a fun creative way.  Full of fun activities that are tied to children’s books BFIAR is a great book of activities for new homeschoolers as well as seasoned ones. What a great way to instill the joy of learning in your children and make it fun while you are at it. 

Before Five in a Row is filled with 24 mini units based on stories that children love. It is set up for children ages 2-4 but the activities can be adapted to be used with older children.  We had fun with several of the activities and my boys are 6 and almost 9.   I love the idea of teachable moments and this book helps parents see those teachable in everyday activities. 

My boys especially loved that some of their favorite stories are featured in this book: Goodnight Moon, Caps for Sale, Prayers for Children, and Runaway Bunny are books my boys love even as they grow older.  

The book is available to purchase exclusively at Rainbow Resources for a price of $35.00. While it may seem like a lot if you consider that you are getting over 20 units that is a really good price and actually works out to be less than $1.75 per unit study.. You really can't beat that... Most of the books are available to purchase through Rainbow Resources (they actually have a bundle deal of books that includes 19 of the books)  you can also find many of these books at your local library. 

PhotobucketIf you have younger kids and you are looking for a great program for them that will instill a love of books and learning then Before Five in a Row is a great resource. I would also recommend it to preschool teachers as a great tool for groups. 

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