Monday, September 12, 2011

Mega Homeschool Giveaway sponsor Math-U-See

Our first featured sponsor of the Mega Homeschool Giveaway is Math U see!

Math·U·See provides a firm foundation in mathematics for students of all aptitudes. The mastery-based approach allows students to move at their own pace whether they are naturally gifted in mathematics, struggle with mathematical concepts, or have special needs. Teachers are provided with the tools, skills, and training needed to present an explicit, structured, systematic, and cumulative program using multi-sensory teaching techniques.

Math·U·See was written by Steve Demme, a homeschool dad, for the homeschool community. Math·U·See’s unique approach targets each individual student and focuses on their specific needs. Rather than a curriculum designed for a classroom, Math·U·See is designed with the homeschool “tutor” environment in mind.

Math U See offers curriculum from pre-k up through calculus and also offers a course in stewardship.

Enter the Homeschool Mega Giveaway for a chance to win up to $150 worth of course material from Math U See!

Unionvale Homeschool loves Math-U-See we use it as our primary Math program for both boys. We are currently using the Classical Curriculum which is the older publication as we were blessed with a Foundations teacher's guide several years ago and will use it with both the boys until we switch to the new format.  I love the hands on aspects as well as the videos and simple worksheets. I watch the videos and then teach the concept as the boys aren't super excited about the videos but they are both still young. When we switch to the  new format I will have at least Cameron use the DVD as part of his lessons.

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