Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The gift of #Art with Artistic Pursuits #hsreviews


     We are slowly adding extra subjects back into our lesson plans. We were blessed to receive Artistic Pursuits homeschool art program to review.
We are reviewing Book 1 of the K-3rd grade series.  The first thing I noticed when I got the book was the colorful cover.

Before introducing it to either of the boys I went through it myself. I made the decision that Cameron would be doing the program (I will save it and have Nathan do it next year). Since we received it before Cameron's birthday I decided to give the book to him for his birthday and asked my mother in law if she would be willing to give him the necessary art supplies for his birthday. Thankfully she is a retired art teacher and was impressed with the book and agreed.

We began the program with Cameron mid November and have been working with 1 lesson a week.
The book isn't just an art lesson, it is also an art history lesson. With each lesson a different period and different artist is introduced.  The lessons are laid out in an easy to follow fashion and cover a variety of  looks into Visual Arts.

One of Cameron's favorite lessons so far has been Lesson 3 "Artists Look" He actually asked to revisit that unit only doing the indoor  activity this time rather than outdoor.

He looked for Indoor Nature and found the center piece we had used for Thanksgiving Dinner.

He looked at it and thought about it for a while. Then began to draw what he saw.

The lesson had focused on 18th Century France and an outdoor landscape with people in a field of flowers. Being that we are in late fall and it is rather cold outside, he really had to think about what he was trying to show.

He decided to take a break from the picture as he wants to have the doily under it like we had on the table, but decided to let us take a peak at the progress. (if you know my son, letting the world see his art finished or not is a pretty big deal).  

The series we reviewed is a 3 book series for K-3rd grade and retails for $42.95 a book. I feel since it isn't just an art lesson but art history their is real value to the book. It is a non-consumable so I can use it later with Nathan . Each book in the K-3 series has 32 lessons and for us that will work out to be a lesson a week for the rest of the school year.
  Artist Pursuits has a Preschool book as well as 3 other sets including 4th-6th, jr. high, and sr.high..  They also sell supply packs to match the books.

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