Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I see Fractions with Fractazmic from I See Cards #hsreviews #homeschool #math


Do your kiddos struggle with fractions? Do you struggle with fractions?
PhotobucketWell this is a fun and engaging way for everyone in the family to work on the dreaded fractions.

Fractazmic from I See Cards is a deck of cards but also one of the most ingenious ways to learning and practicing fractions that I have ever seen... (I have a box of tools to teach fractions with and nothing caught my boys' attention like this deck of cards).
Each deck has 60 cards (20 cards in each of 3 suits). Since my boys have a basic understanding of fractions from life learning I thought this would be a great way to solidify what we were learning.
At first Cameron didn't get it, he was struggling with the game so I modified it (homeschool Mom perogative)..
Photobucket We played just 1 suit (1/12s).. it only took him about 3 turns when he made the connection to the carton on eggs (I think it took him that long because I always buy 18 count eggs so he didn't immediately associate a dozen with eggs)  Once he got the idea though he moved through that hand rather quickly.  Next we added the red suit and finally after a couple hands with 2 colors we added the green suit.  Even Nathan got into the game (he is 1st grade but has an amazing grasp on fractions from working with his Daddy in the shop wrenching)

Fractazmic Cards make Learning Math fun. The games also reinforce learning Measurements, help hand eye coordination, and even help with Memory skills. Playing games while learning has also helped my boys improve their cooperative learning skills as well as communication skills.
I can't recommend this program enough.  The boys don't think of it as learning because they are having fun, it is a card game the whole family can play (helped Daddy work on fractions), and finally the price tag at only $6.95 a deck the game is affordable and fun.

You don't have to take my word for it though. Check out what the rest of my Crew mates thought of this game HERE and check in with I See Cards on Facebook or their Blog

I received 1 deck of cards in exchange for my opinion as a member of the Homeschool Crew

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